8oz Elderberry Syrup – Original


Elderberry supports the immune system and can help fight and reduce the length of colds and flu, alleviate allergies, and improve respiratory health. Earth Soothers elderberry syrup is handmade in small batches using Vermont honey and organic elderberries!

Our Original recipe is time-tested and true. We combine organic elderberries with Vermont honey to create a flavor that is naturally sweet and tasty. If you prefer sweet and simple tastes, this is the recipe for you!

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Our delicious small-batch elderberry syrup, handmade in Vermont with all natural ingredients. (see Additional Information)

Additional information

Why Earth Soothers?

Earth Soothers elderberry syrup is carefully handcrafted in small batches right here in Vermont. We use local Vermont honey and organic elderberries to create our delicious recipes. Our Original recipe is naturally sweet and tasty and our Cinnamon recipe is just a little bit spicy. Our Ginger recipe has a little extra kick and our Deluxe recipe brings them all together.

There are no additives or extra ingredients or thickeners in our elderberry syrup! Filtered water, Vermont honey, organic elderberries and spices per recipe, that\'s it! All natural remedies, handmade in Vermont!

A traditional water-bath canning method is used to preserve our jars of elderberry syrup. Unopened, you can expect our elderberry syrups to last in the pantry for at least one year. Refrigerate after opening for up to two months. We use our own products and we proudly stand behind their quality. In the event that a newly-opened jar is discovered to have fermented, we will exchange it for a fresh jar, guaranteed!

Suggested Usage

Shake it and then smell it. If it smells sweet and delicious, consider the following:

Elderberry syrup can be enjoyed by the teaspoon, in seltzer or tea, on pancakes, and more!

If taking for wellness see below.

Children over 1yr

1 tsp, once per day to help boost the immune system.
1 tsp, two to three times per day when fighting colds or flu.


1 tsp, once or twice per day to help boost the immune system.
1 tsp, three to four times per day when fighting colds or flu.

Storage Life

UN-opened Jar: Our elderberry syrup can be expected to store well for 12 months before use. We use traditional canning methods to preserve. We suggest storage of the unopened jar in the pantry in a cool, dark spot, or in the refrigerator.

Open Jar: After opening the jar for the first time, our elderberry syrup must be kept refrigerated and should be consumed within 6-8 weeks. If you have any question about whether or not your elderberry syrup is still good, please email us with the details and we will advise you!