Earth Soothers is located in the small town of Huntington, Vermont, where we carefully handcraft naturally soothing products for enjoyment and wellness. Everything we do is done with great care…from the wild foraging of raw materials to the creation of our products, even the packaging and labeling is done entirely by our own hands, right here in Vermont. We believe that the best things take time and the care and effort that we put into the process should be evident in the final result. We use our own products and we proudly stand behind their quality.

We are committed to using only high-quality natural and organic ingredients and we source locally whenever possible. Earth Soothers elderberry syrups are always made using Vermont honey and organic elderberries. Additional ingredients such as fresh ginger root, cinnamon, and cloves are carefully selected and processed by our own hands. We taste every single batch of our handcrafted elderberry syrups to ensure that they meet our highest standards for quality and taste.

When we say that our chaga is responsibly foraged, we mean it. Chaga takes a very long time to grow and over-harvesting is becoming a real problem as chaga becomes more popular and goes mainstream. While we do not cultivate our own chaga, we only harvest from our woodland areas that have recently been logged and we only remove chaga from downed tree limbs and stumps. We believe this method of harvesting to be a responsible way to temper the depletion of chaga resources and helps maintain an ecological balance in the forest by leaving living trees alone to do their thing.

You may have noticed that there is a friendly-looking black dog in many of our foraging photos. That dog’s name is Thor and he is a very smart dog. Many dog owners claim that their dogs are smart, but Thor is the real deal. If we show Thor something, he can find more of it, like firewood or chaga. Thor finds things that would otherwise go unseen, such as chaga growing inside of stumps. Thor is a welcome partner on most of our foraging and camping adventures and he loves being part of it all.

Whether it is a thousand year-old traditional preparation for chaga tea, or the original elderberry wellness syrup that Alice learned how to make so many years ago, we hope that people will enjoy these carefully handcrafted creations and we are excited to share these delicious and naturally soothing products with you.

It means a lot to us that you are willing to try Earth Soothers. Whether you are enjoying one of our elderberry syrup recipes or a cup of tea brewed with our responsibly foraged chaga, we are grateful for your support and we hope that you experience as much satisfaction consuming Earth Soothers products as we do when we are crafting them for you.

We look forward to seeing where this goes and we hope to share more updates about the Earth Soothers story with you, including tales of our adventures in foraging and handcrafting our products. If you join our email list, you may occasionally receive coupon codes that can be redeemed for discounts on Earth Soothers products when shopping our online store.

How to get your Earth Soothers…

Ordering via our online store is the easiest way to get Earth Soothers delivered right to your door. We offer $5 flat-rate priority shipping to anywhere in the country!

If you are local and want your Earth Soothers today, you can find our 8oz jars (all recipes) for sale at Beaudry’s Store in Huntington, Vermont.

During the summer, you can find Earth Soothers at the Richmond Farmers Market and during the winter, we’re at the Bolton Valley Winter Farmers Market. Please stop by and say hello!

Earth Soothers is also on Instagram and Facebook.

Chris & Bella Norris
Earth Soothers
Huntington, Vermont